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TIAA Traditional Lifetime Income Annuity Option - RC Contract
Episode 3616th January 2023 • TIAA Simplified for HigherEd • Greg Shepard
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(Formally HigherEd Retire Podcast)

Catchy title, right? Let's be honest, nothing exciting about the Lifetime Income Annuity option presented to you from TIAA Traditional inside the RC contract. I get bored even typing it!

However, this could be one of the most important decisions you make when it comes to your retired financial life - AND IT'S IRREVOCABLE!!!

Make note that this episode is strictly for the RC contract on the TIAA platform. There's been many higher ed institutions that have mapped over the RA contract to the RC contract. This episode pertains to those TIAA platform plans.

Listen as Greg shares with you 3 different options you'll face on how to liquidate that TIAA Traditional account. Greg talks about one particular client faced with this decision and leaves it to you, the listener, as to what you think the best option is.

As stated in the episode, make sure you know ALL the fact surrounding the liquidation options prior to making any irrevocable decisions. Also, none of the strategies discussed in this episode should be construed as investment advice. There is no "one-size-fits-all" strategy when it comes to liquidating the TIAA Traditional account.

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