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A Collective Voice The Sequel: AEA and BAGMA now officially together
Episode 408th July 2021 • INSIDE AGRI-TURF • Chris Biddle
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Following the recent announcement that the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) representing UK manufacturers and suppliers has acquired the UK dealers trade association BAGMA (British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association), Chris Biddle talks to Ruth Bailey, the AEA CEO and Keith Christian, Director of BAGMA about the rationale behind the move.

Amongst the questions being addressed are:

  • Will there be a conflict of interest with the AEA now owning the dealer association?
  • How has the deal been received by members?
  • Will the benefits negotiated for BAGMA members now be available to AEA members?
  • Did the previous owner BIRA (British Independent Retailers Association) feel that BAGMA was no longer was a 'good fit' long term?
  • Was there any consideration given to a new name to reflect the industry TODAY?
  • Will AEA and BAGMA be independent entities although sharing the same offices and same secretariat?
  • What happens when I ring the BAGMA number now?

. . . and much more

AEA website

BAGMA website

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