51: Process Party Part 7 -Mid-Year Brand Audit
Episode 5111th June 2021 • Hot Young Designers Club | Interior Design Business Podcast • Hot Young Designers Club
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This week we've got some bad news for you, you're being audited! Well...it's a brand audit. And we've got checklists and to do lists for you to get your business in order. It's the middle of the year, so it's time to revisit the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year!

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Stuff they mentioned:

Shaun got a new piece of original art from Meghan Spielman

He used some money principles from Episode 48 with Michele Williams to reward himself.

Rebecca has been enjoying her Miracle Mornings practices to start her days right

We're both reading Profit First

Rebecca's mornings when she fell off the Miracle Mornings was like OK, Go's music video on a treadmill

Thanks to Lauren at Studio Laloc (Episode 29) who recommended using Google Slides for presentations

We're building off of ideas we discussed during Episode 3 Does Your Brand Suck?

It's time to audit your brand and see if you're putting out the right messaging to your potential clients on all your platforms

We were definitely motivated by Kim Kuhteubl (Episode 49) addressing branding and visibility

You need to be on Creator or Business profile for IG.

That way you can leverage the insights and analytics to help plan your content strategy.

It also let's you use the Book Now button to be accessible to clients and create more enhanced profile data.

Rebecca started using Quick Replies in Instagram to help respond to DMs faster.

How to create and use quick replies guide

If you want to use autoposting features in apps like Planoly and Later you need to use a business profile, not a creator account

Get your IG bio right to grab attention:

  1. Include your name
  2. preferred pronouns
  3. location/market you serve
  4. develop a geotagging strategy (like Anastasia Casey discussed in Episode 9)
  5. share your ideal client, ideal projects, ideal style in your bio too
  6. cross promote your business profile in your personal account
  7. if there's a hashtag that closely resembles your style or desired aesthetic consider having that in your bio too

Update your press or media kit periodically too, be sure the data is accurate

Review your website's About page too

Add new project photos to your marketing materials or website

It's time to get your portrait photos out there too and post them to your grid often to introduce yourself to potential clients

Consider cross promoting yourself through platforms like Facebook and groups that appeal to your potential client, like parent, school, or community groups.



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