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How My Client Became Multimillionaire
Episode 3415th December 2022 • TIAA Simplified for HigherEd • Greg Shepard
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In this episode, Greg talks about one of his most successful (financially) clients and how he achieved the status of multimillionaire without a huge salary.

Since this clients passing, Greg shares with you his successes and missteps for you to avoid.

Listen as you'll hear that his client remained humble in the sense that he understood he wasn't smarter than the stock / bond market and that it paid to actually pay a financial advisor in order to brainstorm ideas and help implement them.

Lastly, learn what mistakes he made that wasn't apparent until his health deteriorated and realized by myself and his siblings after his death.

There's a lot you can learn from this client. As he was a professor for most of his life, he'd be thrilled to know that he's helped some of you out there with just one or two actionable items.

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