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2023 the Year of Audio? - Steve Goldstein
Episode 1766th January 2023 • Brandwidth On Demand • David Martin & Kipper McGee
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Steve Goldstein is noted as a leading media thought leader and practitioner, and he shares a wealth of wisdom when it comes to the changing use of AUDIO in 2023. Clearly Audio will continue to dominate media consumption. The question: what level of listening will traditional radio earn?

Steve shares some great ideas on how radio brands can take better advantage of the opportunities presented by creating actionable plans and thoughtful, targeted content on-air, and increasing online listening to station-branded content.

That’s just one reason that we’re so thrilled to kick off our 6th season with STEVE GOLDSTEIN.

Time-stamped highlights:

[2:29] As the New Year begins, Steve shares some of 2022’s Key Takeaways that busy radio people may have missed. 

[5:10] For radio people, podcast opportunities still require a mental reset for many broadcasters. For those still struggling with this challenge, Steve offers some simple, effective suggestions – that can also earn revenue!

[8:35] You’ve pointed out that in podcasting, like broadcast, “average is getting crushed” and digs into the cultural trifecta of Heat, Awareness, and Discovery, and discloses what it means for radio.

[13:07] Steve reveals why the podcast market is not as crowded as many believe and unveils some great ideas on how radio can take advantage.

[14:32] Podcast ad spending will reach new levels again in 2023 and Steve reveals some of the smarter ways for radio to get their share.

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