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E31 • Song Surfing with Friends, Ingi Bjarni
Episode 3121st December 2021 • Song Surfing • John Kehl
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Episode 31: Song Surfing with Friends, feat. Ingi Bjarni

The Song Surfing Podcast features the best in independent music! On this edition of …With Friends, John talks with pianist and composer Ingi Bjarni.  Ingi builds collaborations that challenge and excite, including projects with friends and colleagues in the Scandinavian countries he has lived in and whose open, artistic culture is closely entwined with that of his Icelandic homeland. This singular musician’s focus produces original works which, while informed by jazz tradition, Nordic folksong and electronica, rise up from a wellspring of meticulously-shaped imaginings – ideas inspired by relentlessly searching improvisation, as well as the people he interacts with in daily life, and also the wonders of the natural environment.

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Ingi Bjarni was first featured on Song Surfing Episode 9

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