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#143 | Rare Leadership, Pt. 2 | Marcus Warner
6th January 2023 • Apollos Watered • Travis Michael Fleming
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Part 2! Travis and Marcus continue discussing Marcus' book, Rare Leadership, the book that leaders are picking up and passing around to others.

It's about relationships. Marcus brings his gift of creating memorable mnemonic devices such as RARE, CAKE, FISH, and so much more. The difference between a healthy culture and toxic culture in any organization is revealed in the motivation of fear or joy.

This book is more than a book simply on leadership, it's a book about relationships the way God intended them to be. It's not about your IQ, natural ability, talents, or how to manipulate people. It's about caring for the people around you. God cares about how we lead in the context of relationships. It's not about results at all costs, but caring about others.

This is a conversation for leaders in any context-home, work, and church.

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