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Can we still debate the canon of Scripture?
Episode 2228th May 2024 • The Whole Church Podcast • anazao ministries
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As a follow up to our last talk on the canon of Scripture and to his take on the Ladder of Jacob, Christian Ashley (of the Let Nothing Move You podcast) joins Joshua Noel and TJ Blackwell to discuss their varying views on the canon of Scripture and why it matters! We discuss some of our differing opinions from one another, why it matters, how we know whether a bok should or should not be considered Scripture, and much more!


Which books make up the canon of Scripture? When was the first canon of Scripture? What is the canon of Hebrew Scriptures? What does St. Jerome say about Scripture? Why did Martin Luther remove the seven books from the Bible? Who closed the canon of Scripture? Why was the Septuagint removed from the Bible? What does Jacob's Ladder symbolize? What is the plot of Jacob's ladder explained?


In this episode, we will:

  • Debate the canon of the Bible
  • Discuss what authority the books of the Bible have
  • Examine the role Tradition plays in canonizing Scripture
  • Learn to challenge everything


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