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How To Coach Leadership With Podcasts - Steve Worthy
Episode 929th September 2022 • The Creator Experience • KULT Media
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Today's guest, Steve Worthy, is an awesome human being with expertise in retail leadership, executive coaching, podcasting, and live streaming. 

His journey began in 2007 when he was doing blog talk radio, and his original content was about being a husband and an entrepreneur. After a while, his career got in the way, and his co-host ran out of time. 

As soon as that podcast ended, Steve started "The Worthy Show," a leadership coaching podcast, but it didn't work the way Steve had expected. 

 Having sought out professional advice about podcasting, he niched down, which led to the birth of the Retail Leadership Podcast. 

Because of the success of that podcast, Steve has now launched Podcasters Live, a new show dedicated to helping people learn to live stream and podcast to grow their businesses. 

Steve's journey wasn't smooth; he experimented and learned much along the way. In today's episode, he shares all the golden nuggets he learned from his journey.

He discussed how niching now helped him find the right audience for his content. He explained why consumption rate is more important than download rate. Steve shares his workflow for a one-day podcast production process and his comprehensive engagement strategy for his content. 

Furthermore, he discussed editing ethics and how he focuses more on the flow of conversation rather than editing "uhm" sounds. He discussed why he disliked audiograms and used Facebook live streaming and email marketing to promote his podcast.

Tune into this jam-packed episode to learn more about podcasts.

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Here are some quick highlights from this episode:

  • [03:15]-Steve Worthy's introduction and his journey to the Retail Leadership podcast
  • [09:50]-How does niching down help Steve get the right audience for his content?
  • [12:31]-Steve shares about the evolution of the structure of his podcast to help their listener better
  • [17:10]-Why doesn't Steve care about download numbers and focus more on consumption?
  • [19:18]- A look into Steve's Podcast Production process?
  • [24: 20]- Steve focuses on conversation flow instead of editing out noise and umms
  • [29: 02] Why Steve doesn't like audiograms to promote episodes
  • [30:00] - Leveraging a Facebook group to promote your podcast?
  • [36: 23]-Conversation about building an email list
  • [44:41]-What keeps Steve accountable for consistently releasing episodes?
  • [46:12] -How systems make content creation more efficient
  • [52:02]- My final question is, what do you think makes a good leader?


One of the most challenging stages of the leadership journey is moving from Manager to Leader. Steve Worthy focuses on turning your managers into effective leaders through our training and coaching programs. His mission is to help retail leaders cultivate high-performing teams that are empowered, inspired, and able to execute at the top of their game. His vision is to create a community where retail leaders can learn solutions for our industry's most challenging issues in a welcoming and interactive learning environment.

Steve has a podcast named "Retail Leadership" focused on helping retail leaders go from managers to leaders, understand the community, and how to communicate to advance their careers. He has now launched Podcasters Live, a new show dedicated to helping people learn to live stream and podcast to grow their businesses.


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