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How does the Christian use of art compare to other religious traditions?
Ecumenical Aesthetics Episode 2021st November 2023 • The Whole Church Podcast • anazao ministries
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World Religion Professor, Chris Moreland, joins us to finish our Ecumenical Aesthetic series, comparing how both Protestant and Catholic Churches use art to how other religions use art in their worship spaces. .

Is the iconoclastic nature of many protestant churches similar to the iconoclastic nature of much of Islam? Is the Catholic's use of art similar to more Eastern religions like Hinduism or Buddhism? How are women portrayed in religion arts? Are women allowed to minister through the arts in the Catholic tradition? What do the Catholic statues mean? What do Catholics believe about statues? What are icons for Catholicism? Do Roman Catholic use icons?


In this episode, we will:

  • Discuss the Catholic use of art in worship
  • Explain how Catholics speak to the saints, without worshipping them
  • Compare and contrast different religions use of art
  • Deconstruct the way women are portrayed in sacred art


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