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Episode 332nd November 2021 • Gay Music: In the Key of Q • Dan Hall
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‘I think DaBaby is not understanding that the world is changing. And what I will say is that he has to have more of a higher standard of quality when it comes to dealing with people.’

Tramel is the star of the popular reality YouTube series G-Status. In 2020 he released the critically-acclaimed EP, ‘Six Page Letter’ and this year two follow-up singles, ‘Favourite’ and ‘Popped Off’. He discusses his time on the show, and how honest conversations got him into hot water. He also chats about being outed and the legacy effect it had on his education and new-found Queer community.

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‘When I grew up in the 1980s I almost never heard pop songs where openly gay men sang about their truths,’ says Dan Hall. ‘But these days there are plenty of songs where openly Queer men sing their truths. This podcast aims to celebrate those musicians and raise the profile of their music so we can feel connected, heard and not alone.’

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